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Common Questions And Honest Answers About Wills And Trusts

Bring your concerns about wills, trusts and other aspects of estate planning to our attention at Darish & Associates P.C. We are here to provide guidance and clear direction to our Michigan clients like you.

When is the best time of life to create an estate plan?

Every adult should have an estate plan. If you are young with growing children, this is an ideal time to begin or to improve your last will and testament. If you are older and see retirement and aging on the horizon, this is also the right time to schedule a detailed estate plan review.

Can’t I just have a simple will?

This is a good place for a young person with few assets to start, but once you begin to accumulate property and/or have a spouse or children, trusts become important. Powers of attorney help prepare you and your family for any circumstance.

What is a living will?

This is a popular term used for a health care directive. It states your fundamental health care preferences in case you cannot speak for yourself. You should also have a power of attorney naming an agent who can make decisions for you about health care.

What is a power of attorney? Do I need one?

You should ideally have two powers of attorney: one for health care choices and one for finances. The designated agents may be two different people or the same one. You should also have backup agents named in each power of attorney.

What about digital property such as photos, blogs and a professional website?

Talk to a lawyer about how to protect these assets when you are no longer able to maintain them.

As someone creating or updating an estate plan, what will my role be?

To take full advantage of the power of an estate plan, you should take a very active role in the process. Defining goals, gathering documentation and updating documents such as a special needs trust will require you to follow through if your estate plan is going to work as it should.

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