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At Darish & Associates P.C., we understand that hiring an attorney for any reason is a decision that takes time and research. That’s why we are upfront with all our clients, and strive to show them that we care about their interests. As an attorney with over 30 years of experience in law, Darish & Associates P.C. has the knowledge and expertise to tackle any legal matter with assertive advocacy.

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Estate Planning

Wills and trusts

Real Estate

Transactions, mitigation of contract issues


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True Debt Relief Through Bankruptcy

When you find yourself in a situation where bankruptcy is your best option, contacting a qualified bankruptcy attorney is paramount. That way you are never blindsided by unexpected issues. Contact us today for more information about our bankruptcy law services.

Estate Planning For Peace Of Mind And Preservation Of Assets

When you or a loved one requires help with estate planning, choosing a knowledgeable and experienced attorney is key. Our services include will and living will creation and amendment, trusts, powers of attorney and designation of benefits. Whether you need advice on future estate planning goals or require more extensive help to aid a loved one, Darish & Associates P.C. is the probate lawyer who can help.

Real Estate Guidance: Make A Sound Investment

Buying or selling a home can be exciting. However, ensuring your financial assets are protected is imperative during the real estate transaction process. At Darish & Associates P.C., our real estate law services include purchase contracts and titles, registration of documents, review of the transaction and closing documents, deed preparation and more.

Contact us today for more information about our real estate, bankruptcy or estate planning services. Call 800-539-5108, or send an email inquiry through this website.