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Estate Planning For Life

This title may surprise you if you are used to thinking estate planning focuses on death. In fact, at Darish & Associates P.C., we are very familiar with the benefits of estate planning for the living. Namely:

  • An estate plan is something like a culminating document for all financial planning that you engage in. Working all your life to build wealth has an end goal through estate planning.
  • It can give you great peace of mind to know that your will, trusts and powers of attorney are ready for your family or other beneficiaries to put into action when the time comes. This understanding can enhance your quality of life.
  • One key element of a comprehensive estate plan is a health care directive or living will. If you are incapacitated and need others to make decisions for you and care for your assets, the right powers of attorney can speak for you when you are unable to speak for yourself.

When you or a loved one needs legal counsel about estate planning, Darish & Associates P.C. is a valuable source of straightforward information and practical help. With more than 30 years’ experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to understand your beneficiaries’ future probate needs. We know how to address these while helping you design your estate plan.

We aim to help each client feel comfortable and confident while talking about estate planning. We do not consider it a morbid topic at all, but rather, a way of safeguarding assets according to your wishes — very much focused on life. Darish & Associates P.C. is here to help with:

The Benefits Of A Well-Crafted Estate Plan

An estate plan gives you a sense of being prepared for any circumstance. Getting your finances in order while designing your estate plan can give you good ideas and incentives for maximizing your assets during your lifetime, as well as making choices about what will happen to your assets after your life is over.

When To Talk To An Estate Planning Attorney

Good times to make an appointment with a lawyer about your will and more include:

  • As soon as you have assets
  • When you marry or divorce
  • When you have children
  • When you move from one state to another
  • When your stage of life changes — for example, when you become “empty nesters”

Keep In Mind: There Is A Way To Protect Everything

A thorough estate plan is one of the greatest bargains there is. You may be able to keep many thousands or even millions of dollars’ worth of assets in the family or wherever you want them to be when your life is over or if you are incapacitated.

I am lawyer Allan M. Darish in Fenton, Michigan, and I would enjoy meeting with you to discuss your last will and testament and your complete estate planning needs. The initial consultation is free. Call 800-539-5108, or complete an online intake form for a prompt response.

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